The technology discover the galaxy wallpaper

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The technology discover the galaxy wallpaper

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If you are a nature lover, then install our wallpaper is a smart choice. Free Galaxy wallpaper will help you choose the most beautiful wallpaper and best suits your style. Today explores the universe and galaxies are increasingly common, scientists have invented machines and technology to help people decipher partly questions about the mysterious space.
LIGO is a huge breakthrough to help us discover the small collision near the solar system. But even greater things fake like collisions between black holes with giant size, millions of times bigger than the sun, the stars in the galaxy? It's time to take effect LISA. To be able to detect things like this, any detection system that scientists are using to totally unaffected by any of the earthquakes from big to small, such as movement of earth, trucks or even the noise emanating from the pedestrian footsteps.
LIGO is a huge breakthrough to help us discover the small collision near the solar system.
To avoid this happening, the vein will be attached to NASA's a bunch of cubes made of gold - platinum has an area of ​​about 4.6 square centimeters, to space travel to a location closer to the feel '' play with '' the most perfect and is not affected by any sounds other than the difference in gravity. Up to this point, the results have far exceeded the expectations of all
'' People still think that what we're trying to do is unrealistic '' said Paul McNamara, who led the project LISA Business Insiders interview. '' In spite of all the doubts that, on the first day it was successful activities. What we achieved was beyond what was expected. ''
LISA project will include three astronauts ship standing by 3 sides of the triangle, but the distance between them separated by millions of miles. Each ship would carry in his two tiny cube, but the distance between them will be measured by how long it takes for a laser beam of light away from this ship to another ship.
As gravitational waves pass through it, triangular shape of the 3 ship will change, a short corner away and at an angle will be long over, nearly equal to the shape of an atomic explosion. And changes in '' small '' This will be the scientists studied and measured.
'' The results show that these activities emit gravitational waves more than all the planets and galaxies in the universe combined, "said project leader McNamara said:" As two massive objects will collide And shake the whole universe we'll be able to do a few measurements about it ''.
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