[AD] AngelsMu S6 Ep3 Exp: 555x Drop: 70% Custom Jewels

Заявки за игри. Преди да попитате проверете дали в GameSpy и ActionTrip е излязла дадената игра, а след това и в Google за евентуален download. Локално вижте тук, а за от Internet - тук и тук.

[AD] AngelsMu S6 Ep3 Exp: 555x Drop: 70% Custom Jewels

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Season 6 Episode 3 Custom Jewels
(OFFICIAL START : 20.12.2013 at 20:00 GMT+2)

Server Links
WebSite : http://www.AngelsMu.NeT
Forum : http://www.forum.angelsmu.net
Server Information
Version : Season 6 Episode 3
Exp : 555x
Drop : 70%
Max Level : 400
Bless Bug : Off

Customs :
We have 9 custom jewels :
Jewel of Level, Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Excelent for Weapons, Jewel of Option,
Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Excelent for Sets, Jewel of Socket, Jewel of Admin and Jewel of Special

Custom Sets and Weapons (you can view them from our http:/angelsmu.net/webshop WebShop(will be open after 01.01.2014))
Custom Launcher with AutoUpdate, Minimizer, Sound On/Off, all Resolutions and News system

Every week we add 3 Custom Sets and 4 Custom Weapons
We have Custom AntiHack system in our client
We have perfect admins, who make Events every week and have fun with our players

WebShop customs:
Our WebShop have unique features like :
WebWarehouse (You can buy items from your WareHouse in Online WareHouse with only 1 click)
WebMarket System : You can offline trade with other players
ExtraWarehouse Viewer : View items in your ExtraWarehouse
Add and Remove Harmony System : You can add or remove JOH (Jewel of Harmony) options in item from your WareHouse or WebWarehouse
Exchange Hours : Trade your online hours for credits (1 Hours = 5 credits)
Chane Name and Change Class Modules

WebSite Customs :
Custom Character Panel
You can add yours stats up to , BUT max points after reset on character are ->
-> This is for diversity and individuality - everyone decides how to evolve
Grand Reset System
Change Password System
Live Support
Vote Reward : Add random credits after vote (from 50 to 200 credits )
Donate via SMS
Donate via PayPal
and a lot of more things

Thanks for visit this adver and hope you join our server.
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