Screen GIF 1.9

Заявки за всякакъв софтуер. Преди да попитате проверете дали в Kaldata, SoftVisia, IT Light и Download е излезнала най-нова версия на програмата, която търсите, за да я дръпнете.

Screen GIF 1.9

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Screen GIF - This program allows you to capture GIF images directly from your screen. Anything which occur in your screen can be easly captured by Screen GIF and then saved it directly as a GIF animated image. All in an extremelly easy to use program interface really simple and powerful.

Extremelly easy to use - Run the program and use start/stop controls to record GIF's.
Simple GIF images editor - The incorporated GIF editor allows you to customize your GIF's.
Various GIF optimizations - Various optional GIF optimizations for smaller GIF images.
Grayscale captures - Captures images in grayscale to reduce the total GIF size.
Scale percentage - Captures images scaling by a percentage for a less GIF size.
Program install assistant - Screen GIF can be installed and uninstalled with safety and easily.
Program updater assistant - Check for new versions and download directly from the program.
Multilanguage interface - The Screen GIF user interface is available in various languages.
And many, many more... - Discover how Screen GIF can be useful to you!

What's New:
Add social profiles into menus and about dialog
Some other minor fixes, changes and enhancements

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