Zebra Z4M PLUS Error Condition Paper Out!

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Zebra Z4M PLUS Error Condition Paper Out!

Покажи връзката към това мнениеот Taner » 29.06.2017г. в 00:57ч.

Hello, I am in trouble with this Zebra printer Z4M PLUS and error condition is Paper Out!

I tried everything in technical documentation about Z4M PLUS and nothing!

In technical documentation I read things like these:
Media is not loaded or is loaded incorrectly ! Load media correctly and see Media Loading Overview on page 28! (I loaded everything correctly!)
Misaligend media sensor! Check positon of the media sensor! (I check the position and I tried every one possible position of the media sensor but nothing!)
The printer stops: MEDIA light ON, ERROR light flashes!
The printer is set for noncontinuous media, but continuous media is loaded! Install proper media type, or reset printer for current media type and perform calibration! (Okay I did it and nothing!)

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